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Description: This Shampoo is the efficient way to deep clean dirt and road grime from car paintwork. The advanced formula leaves a streak free showroom shine unlike the other shampoos Low on foam but deep in wash.

Direction of use: Add 60-70ml with 2 ltr of clean water for cars and 30-35 ml with 1 ltr of clean water for bikes, apply using a sponge then rinse with water and dry with a microfibre cloth.Less water will give better result.

Available Sizes: 5Ltr & 200ml


Description: Car & Bike Polish is the efficient way to shine car paint work and protect the surface from rain & sun light. The advanced polymer resins and shine enhancing formula are suitable for use on all paint finishes

Direction of use: Clean the car & bike with Shampoo .Apply using a clean,soft cloth to one pannel at a time. Allow to dry and then buff to a high shine.

Available Sizes: 500ml, 100ml


Description: Tyre Shine is the efficient way to restore the " wet look" Showroom Shine and also protect from ageing.

Direction of use: Tyres must be clean & dry, shake bottle well, spray evenly on to tyre walls and leave to dry and remove excess with a clean dry cloth.Do not spray on tyre treads, windows or windscreen. Do not use on Motorcycle tyres, control pedals, steering wheels etc.

Available Sizes: 500ml


Description: Glass cleaner is the efficient way to clean interior & exterior glass.The Streak free formula removes dirt, grime, insects tobacco haze and Finger marks.

Direction of use: Spray evenly on the surface. Wipe and buff with a clean dry cloth.

Available Sizes: 500ml


Description: Waterless Wash & Shine cleans, polishes and protect your Vehicle in one easy application ' without water' . No need for sponges, shampoo, bucket hoses or mess. It wash & shine effortlessly cuts through all types of dirt & grime leaving a briliant just waxed finish with no powedering white residue marks. Also suitable for use on glass, wheels, bumpers & plastic trim.

Direction of use: Spray on to a small panel of the Vehicle at a time. Use a softMicrofibre cloth to gently wipe the product over the surface.

Available Sizes: 1 Litr.


Description:Original Black guarantees a ' new look' shine every time on plastic bumpers of all colours. Use Original Black on all PVC trim, Plastic bumpers, Tyre walls, Side Mirrors and Spoiler kits for outstanding , long-lasting results.

Direction of use: Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry. Shake well before use. Evenly spray directly onto the surface to be treated and allow to dry. If applied too generously , remove the excess with a clean dry cloth.

Available Sizes: 500ml


Description:Black Trim Wax restores the original lustre of black trim, leaving your car with a showroom finish. Use Black Trim wax on all black bumpers, mouldings, radiator grills, door mirrors, spoilers, rubber and plastic Trim.

Direction of use:Apply sparingly with a soft cloth. Cover the whole area at once and leave to set for a few minutes. Buff to remove excess product and provide an original finish.

Available Sizes: 375ml


Description:Wonder Wheels is an acid free wheel cleaner suitable for use on all wheel types inluding those requiring extra special care such as Chrome,annodised & damaged wheels. It easily removes baked on brake, dust, road grime,dirt grease & oil quickly and effectively with no brushing required and minimal effort.

Direction of use:Ensure the Wheels and Tyres are cool to touch. Spray Wonder wheels liberally over the surface of the wheel, applying to one wheel at a time.Leave for 5 minutes and the product will turn red as it reacts with and dissolves the dirt & brake dust. Ideally wash off with a strong jet of water on high pressure device. Avoid spraying on to the brake disc and other braking components.

Available Sizes: 750ml


Description:Ultra Wheel Cleaner is the efficient way to clean alloy wheels and wheel trims from baked on brake dust, road grim and road dirt. The powerful formula cuts through everyday dirt, leaving wheels unbelievably clean.

Direction of use: Spray on to one wheel at a time and workin with a brush/Sponge to loosen stubborn dirt. Rinse with clean water. For heavily soiled wheels a second application may be required.

Note: Do not use on chrome, unlacquered wheels or anodised wheels.

Available Sizes: 500ml


Description:CarPlan All Seasons Screenwash is a quality screenwash designed to clean vehicle windscreens leaving a bright streak-free finish. The specially balanced formula contains ingredients that help to prevent freezing, making the product very effective in winter as well as in summer conditions.

Direction of use: In normal summer conditions use 10% Screen Wash to water.In winter increase concentration to 25% or more Screen Wash to water.In severe winter conditions use neat.

Note: If neat fluid is spilled onto paintwork, rinse off immediately

Available Sizes: 25 Ltr & 200ml


Description:Flash Dash Shine Pad is a quick and easy way to clean and polish dashboards and trims, leaving a fresh citrus fragance.

Direction of use: Simply wipe over surface to give an instant shine. No buffing required. Suitable for most plastic and vinyl surfaces. Do not use on steering wheels,seats, pedals or tyre tread.


Description:Microfibre cloths are suitable for valeting & household use. It is highly absorbent and super soft so will not scrach any surface. Use when dry for smear and lint free polishing.


Description:Brake & parts Cleaner is a powerful blend of degreasing solvents developed for cleaning and preparing Brake, clutch and Component parts without the need to disasssemble. Suitable for Brake system parts, discs, pads, drums,shoes, cylinders, linings, calipers & cables. Clutch parts & Components.General parts cleaning.

Direction for use: Shake can well. Apply Brake & parts cleaner liberally onto component surface to be cleaned. Allow product to dry or wipe clean with a cloth.Allow a few seconds to penetrate through the dust and grime. Where components are particularly soiled, agitate with a brush and wipe off.

Available Sizes: 500ml


Description:Engine Cleaner & Degreaser has been specially formulated to remove ingrained grease, oil, dirt and grime from all vehicle engines ( automotive, commercial and marine including aluminium surfaces)The unique 'Water- washable' formula is also suitable for general household & industrial applications such as removing tar spots and cleaning paintbrushes & floors.

Direction for use: Shake bottle well before use. Apply Engine Cleaner & Degreaser liberally over area to be treated and leave to penetrate for 3 minutes.Work the area with a stiff brush when using to clean heavy or stubborn deposits. After 3 minutes, oil, dirt & grease deposits will break down and dissolve. Then rinse with plenty of clean water.

Available Sizes: 500ml


Description:Rustproofing is a powerful blend of oil, waxes, corrosion inhibitors & to kill old rust and provide all- round internal rust protection for automotive vehicles , as well as equipment & machinery exposed to outdoor weather conditions.

Direction for use: Ensure the surface to be treated is dry and free from old flaking underbody sealant, loose rust, dirt & grease. Shake Can well before use. For intricate jobs, fit extension tube to direct spray.

Available Sizes:500ml


Description:Rust Remover kills rust fast and it forms a moisture barrier to prevent further rust & corrosion. Suitable for a wide range of automotive and household uses. It is a non-acidic formulation so it only removes the rust.Safe to use on all metals where the product loosens all rust and is harmlesson plastic and rubber. Suitable for car parts, nuts, bolts, tools, garden machinery etc.

Direction for use: Shake Can well and hold upright when using. Remove loose rust with a wire brush. Spray onto the surface to be treated and leave for a shortwhile. Repeat if necessary.

Available Sizes: 400ml


Description: It is a super smooth multipurpose filler, ideal for large or small jobs.Sets in minutes creating an easy to sand, tough and very smooth repair.

Direction for use: Prepare surface by removing all dirt, grease, mouisture and loose paint or rust from the damaged area.Mix 1 part Hardener to 50 parts Filler. Mix throughly until all the colour hardener each dispersed. Apply paste immediately with the spreader. Setting reaction commences after 5 minutes and paste will became hard and sandable after 20 minutes.

Available Sizes: 250ml


Description:It is a tough body filler reinforced with glass fibre to give a solid and vibration resistant repair. Ideal for bridging , filling holes in metal & glass fibre surfaces.

Direction for use: Prepare surface by removing all dirt, grease, mouisture and loose paint or rust from the damaged area.Mix 1 part Hardener to 50 parts Filler. Mix throughly until all the colour hardener each dispersed. Apply paste immediately with the spreader. Setting reaction commences after 5 minutes and paste will became hard and sandable after 20 minutes.

Available Sizes: 250ml


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